The Art of Badassery teaches us to live a life free from fear of judgement. To be a Badass is to be completely authentic, confident, and liberated from giving any fucks about what other people think of you.

This is a lifelong learning process for most people. Some people come in to the world with a beautiful badass spirit.  Some people are able to maintain that fire, but most people learn to shrink parts of themselves to please others.  Usually around middle age (whatever that is) we realize we have boxed up pieces of ourselves and put them in storage to make room for other people, and we wake up disgruntled and feeling empty.  

Badassery is a wide variety of processes whereby those badass pieces of ourselves are brought out of storage and unboxed.  Some call it soul reclaimation.  Some just call it healing.  I call it "unboxing badass".  

Reclaiming the word "bitch" has been part of my process.  It is no longer an insult to me.  I am in my personal power as a human, and as a woman, and I don't particularly care if anyone else likes it or not.  But if you want to stop being small and afraid, stop trying to please everyone but yourself, live a life of purpose and meaning, feel more accepted by yourself, feel more freedom and might want to seriously consider the path of badassery and bitchcraft.  

Here are 3 brand new astrology readings meant to help you do just that. 

(You will need to create an account at Click4Advisor, which is pretty simple.  Once you have an account, you can just use these links to purchase the readings)

Unboxing Badass A look at the power players in your astrology chart that create the fire and ignite the warrior within you.  This is a brand new look at your chart, with 3 specific planets that will help you embrace your power in a whole new way.

This is not a full chart reading. This is a custom analysis only available with me. It is very focused on your drives, your needs for power, the rejected parts of yourself that are waiting for you to reclaim them, and the areas of your life where you can make the most difference with these elements.

Sexy Stars  This reading looks at your sexual power, goddess energy, and relationship strengths.  This reading is designed to empower you to take control of the unimaginably powerful energy within the feminine aspects of your chart. We will look in the usual places one looks in a chart for relationship, but we will also dive into the darker aspects, where your rejections live, and where your super powers are germinating.

This is a unique, focused reading that will empower you in ways you haven't experienced before.

Ambitchous A reading specifically focused on your career, passions, ambitions, drives, and destiny.  What is your calling? What are your superpowers you can use to achieve it? 

Women who climb power ladders are often labeled as "bitchy". As my brand of "bitchdom" always suggests, this reading will help you tap into the strengths you already have to achieve your fullest potential in career.

This reading will focus on the skills you came in to this life with, the ones you need to cultivate, your super powers, and your inner fire and drive that are waiting for you to simply ask them to take off.

Not into astrology? That's fine.  Not everything I do is woo-woo.  Check me out...

I believe in you, Bitch!

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