Q: "What are your Bitch credentials, Kelly? ...You can't just go around proclaiming yourself something..."

A:  Well first of all, yes, I can. And so can you. But I assure you, my Bitchdom has been verified by a great many people who have disagreed with me or found me offensive or unpleasant for a variety of reasons.  Reasons like: asserting myself, disagreeing, enforcing my personal boundaries, telling the truth, rejecting social norms, swearing, having difficult emotions, having emotions, not having enough emotions, and more.

Q:  "So, how do you do it, Kelly? How do you BE such a great Bitch?" 

A:  Well, it has taken many years of practice to gradually, consciously, painstakingly, and gleefully shed layers of "give a fuck".  I spent the first couple decades padding up this flesh suit with layers of "give a fuck" to make sure people liked me.  But around the age of 40, I began to molt.  It is not an easy process.  It's sometimes itchy and ugly.  But as the layers of "give a fuck" fell off I felt liberated! The soft, vulnerable, squishy flesh underneath all those layers felt so good. 

Q:  "How can I start my journey to perfecting my Bitchcraft, Kelly?"

A:  I find the best place to start this journey is with the word "Bitch".  Explore how you feel about it and why.  Where does it make you itchy in your flesh suit? Where did that come from?  Awareness and Self examination are key.  Laughter is a fantastic exfoliator of soul residue and flesh suit detritus.

The Bitch Starter Kit is yours FREE, right now. 

Step 1:  Read BitchScopes and feel the bitch within

Step 2: Listen to BitchSplaining and explore the bitch all around us.

When you have achieved a certain comfort with these steps, proceed to Badassery for a list of readings to help you achieve your full Bitch Potential. 

I believe in you, Bitch!

Kelly McClain

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