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January’s BitchScopes spoke of a “detox”.  2019 helped us purge, and it was a bit messy.  January was a low energy, low

vibration, sad and struggly month for most of us.  When the Sun moved into Aquarius, however, things did start to shift. There has just been SO.Much.Capricorn and Saturn energy.  I love both of those energies but this was just too much. Now the Capricorn convention will start to break up little by little, but there’s still some follow up meetings and conference calls to tie up loose ends. Caps hate loose ends!  Saturn moves out of Capricorn and into Aquarius in March, and that should feel really good. Up to that point, its a slow relaxing of a lot of tension. 

The full moon in Leo could reveal a lot about the plans you’ve been making and how you can integrate them in a way that really feeds your inner fire.  Joy and playfulness are key in this lunation.  

And then, I’ve perhaps never been SO happy to see Pisces show up.  We need that energy so much right now! And we’ll get it in spades. Mercury will retrograde in Pisces mid-month. And if that sounds familiar, it’s because Mercury is almost repeating last years retrograde patterns.  This is one more indication that old stuff is wrapping up and moving out! There’s a beautiful New Moon in Pisces later in the month. There is no better time to get closer to your true self than now. Remember who you are, what your true desires are, what your gifts are, and what your weaknesses are.  Reflect on your inner child. Get in touch with parts of yourself that have been buried in the debris of adulting. Give yourself the compassion and encouragement you would give a child. In this month of Hallmark Romance, which gives so many people angst and anxiety, make a Valentine for your mini-you. Make this month about nurturing the little tiny you that still lives inside you, with hopes and dreams and fears and needs. 

Recover from January’s darkness and abrasiveness and get yourself outside to look at the sky!

ARIES - After a difficult few months of upheavel, upset, and uppityness, peace is settling over you like a light dusting of snow. You’re starting to see the fruits of your labors and settle in to a new normal...a normal that is so much more positive and abundant. `  Make sure you’re trying to find balance between personal and professional pursuits. It could be a lovely month for you, romantically. But you do need to keep a couple things in mind: 1) learn from past mistakes. Yes, really. Don’t look at me in that tone of know its true.  You’ve been repeating the same relationship for a while now and its time to move past that bullshit. So be yourself from the get go, teach someone how to treat you, and don’t try to sugar coat your life too much. 2) make time. Because you’ve been burned, and because you’re succeeding professionally right now, it will be tempting to just be 100%  career focused. Make time for yourself first, and then allow someone else to enter your life, when they’ve proven themselves worthy (in reality, not in your idealized version of them).  

TAURUS - We all know that when Taurus decides something, they dig in their heels.  This seems to be true right now, but instead of having made an actual choice, it seems like you’ve decided that sitting on the fence is just fine. You are undecided about both career and love so you’re just not doing anything. So I’m going to encourage you to continue to not do anything.  Allow Mercury retrograde to show you the way in romance. If you can’t decide if you’re friends or lovers, let it unfold during this month. But at the end of this month, you need to move in one direction or another. It isn’t fair to others for you to just keep them in limbo with your sexy charm. If you’re already in a committed relationship, and you’re frustrated, take this month to examine your expectations. Professionally you just plain ol’ need to do something.  Commit to the project or walk away. But Commit fully, and do the work, and the marketing or whatever is needed, or walk away and actively pursue something else. Keeping YOURSELF in limbo isn’t fair either. 

GEMINI - You’ve been through the wringer the past few months, particularly in close relationships.  Better times are coming. But in the meantime (yes that means better times are coming but may not be here just yet), take time this month to really lean in to what you want, desire, are turned on by.  Not by what you used to want, desire and be turned on by. But based on who you are right now. Because we do change, and so do our desires. Explore your deeper, sexier side. Allow your thoughts to wander to places you haven’t dared go before. Go with the flow and allow it to energize you. You may find yourself craving more true intimacy than in the past, or you may find that you need more adventure. This month could blossom for you in your career as well.  Review your skills, your resume, and re-connect with projects or partners that may have fizzled in the past. 

CANCER - Collaborations and planning will get your far this month, Crabby. Those of you in established relationships could really deepen your connection with some sincere intention.  If you’re in a situation that feels hopeless, it is a good time to get very clear about what you want for yourself. Not for your family...for you. I know that is counter intuitive to a Cancer but you must put yourself first.  Your friends will be a great source of support and, if you want, input and insight. If you’re looking for love, any partner who happens on to the scene right now is very likely to be a serious suitor. It is also a good time to look at finances and tweak your budget.  Your social circle (maybe the outer portion of it) could be a source of connections for new income. Keep good notes this month because lots of information is flowing toward you and it will be hard to keep it all straight.  

LEO - Shave, darling. Because reconciliation and make up sex could be in the works for you this month, Whiskers (haha. Double entendre!)  Your need for intimacy could be cranked up, and you could experience healing from leaning into this with a trusted partner. If you’re single, be cautious about with whom you explore these things because Mercury retrograde might make you think you’ve found the one, and come direct motion, the Mercury goggles fall off and you’re in a weird situation.  The good news is, if you need an excuse, work will be a good one. You’ll be feeling more energized and ready to get shit done. Apply this enthusiasm to your physical routine as well and kick off some new healthy habits, even if they start small.  

VIRGO - this month is a great time for emotional housekeeping. Take some inventory of your feelings.  That list you’ve been keeping for years that has all the qualities of your perfect partner… check that out and allow yourself room to change your mind.  It’s possible that what you’ve been telling yourself you want no longer fits who you are. Apart from that, work will be busy and many connections are formed, revisited, and deepened this month.  Your life will be a busy place so MAKE time for quiet every single day.  

LIBRA - Your personal and intimate relationships will be the focus of your energy this month.  The opportunity to gain deeper understanding of any difficulties you’ve had will avail itself, particularly during the mercury retrograde period. You also have a good wind at your back regarding professional goals and changes you want to make. A previous employer or partner could show up, and, if it was a productive partnership, you can safely entertain an offer.  Continue to pay attention to any deep emotional “stuff” that’s coming up. Progress IS happening. 

SCORPIO - sorry to break it to you, but personal relationships could (continue to) be pretty tense.  You are best served by having restraint and listening rather than talking or explaining. Avoid the tendency to throw yourself into work to avoid the discomfort at home.  That won’t help. You just need to try to go with the flow, and it may feel awkward. You may feel pissy. By the end of this month what was an unexpected pain in the ass may turn out to be what you needed.  

SAGITTARIUS - family is on your mind and heart this month.  You’ll spend some time in your head mulling over decisions you’ve made or plan to make and may second guess some of them. Don’t make or change any decisions this month. Let the confusion settle down.  Business might be a little confusing too. You are going well, but something feels off. Have you over stretched, over committed, over spent? Reel in your lines a bit. You’ll feel better being more conservative for a bit. 

CAPRICORN - love heals what ails you this month...particularly if is is love that has been ailing.  Communications will get back on track now and in March. You may feel a little needy. Allow it! Be vulnerable with your closest people and let them support you. The waters are pretty calm.  Money is steady. Health is status quo. Work is always there because you’re you. The calmness might trigger you to feel anxious. Sit down. You’ve done enough. It’s ok to have an easy month.  

AQUARIUS -  less is more this month.  You don’t need to try to be charming, because you already are.  You don’t need to over explain things, you are good with words. You don’t need to kill yourself to get ahead, you are already ahead.  Let life come to you this month, especially during mercury retrograde. When issues arise, do what you wouldn’t normally and don’t react.  When opportunities show up, even if you want them really bad, be a bit aloof and skeptical. Be a hard sale. Trust.  

PISCES - relationship issues that seemed resolved may creep back up this month.  Like I’m advising all signs, don’t make any decisions right now. You will feel very emotional about these things but work hard to respond without reacting.  Don’t commit yourself or agree to any course of action yet. This is all part of a make over of sorts. And it applies to your career too. You may receive “information” (it May be intuitive info) that inspires you to shift your course a bit.  A new specialty maybe. Go with it!