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October brings us into the thick of Libra season.  Our lives automatically seem to seek balance. Even the weather evens out.  We get to put away our sweat stained tank tops and put on our cozy pumpkin latte life.  We feel alive, flirty, social (or not, that’s ok too!) and there’s a strong focus on all of our relationships.  But it isn’t only romance that comes under this sign. Libra deals with all partnerships, so your business dealings will come under some scrutiny this month as well. Do you trust the people around you? Where are the imbalances of power, control, justice? October also ushers in a burgeoning mass of  Scorpio energy. (The only word better than “burgeoning” to describe Scorpio might be “throbbing”, but I was trying to be ladylike. Oops. See title of Scopes) Secrets are kept and revealed. The veil becomes thinner and our connection to things unseen becomes more noticeable. Our intuition will get louder this month and next.  It is time to trust...your inner knowing, your self, and the people in your intimate circle. Scorpio loves to plumb the depths of intimacy, and Mercury will retrograde in Scorpio at the end of this month.  This is merc’s 3rd retrograde this year, and all have been in water signs.  How we perceive and communicate our emotions has been under inspection and intensification. In scorpio, the themes of depth, intimacy, shared resources and finances, revelations, and sexuality are all on the docket.  Where you have Scorpio in your chart, expect a deepening of expression and sensitivity.  

The Full Moon is October 13th, in Aries, and the New Moon is October 27, in Scorpio.

There’s an ….”interesting” amount of Plutonian energy, which perhaps you’d expect in October, and what I would consider an unsual number of inconjucts, or Quincunxes.  These are disconnects in the energy of the 2 parties involved. There are only 3 Quincunxes in the list of transits I used to write these scopes, but that is more than any month in recent memory. At any rate, it seems significant to me so I’m listening to that.  2 of these aspects are involving Neptune. So while the veil may be thinning, there is still a lot of mystery that we are being asked to embrace. Uranus provides some unexpected action in this mix as well. And Venus jumps at me out of the list. Maybe love is the ultimate mystery this month...

This month promises progress to many signs who have been impatiently doing the work.  There is beautiful and deep potential in this 31 days…

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Aries -  The month of October promises new avenues of career and professional progress for you.  There is work involved, but you have probably already put in the hours. So now, you have to be willing to get out of your own way and accept what life wants to bring you. The last few months have been very trying. You have shed a lot of bullshit from your life and learned, yet again, what you are and aren’t willing to tolerate. What you’ll do to succeed? Move mountains, apparently! No one ever accused an Aries of being lazy!  But your time to shine is here...there’s just some tedious rehearsals before every show. 

Taurus - I feel you emerging from a long sleep of sorts. Things may have been in neutral for the past few months, and some of that has been by your own design.  But I sense there is something waking up within you, something that will have you dissatisfied with what you have been tolerating for some time now. These types of awakenings can come with some harsh reminders, but they mostly feel ...rude...not traumatic.  So tolerate these things as you would a rude customer or client - with dignity and integrity, manners, and stoicness. Then get in your car at the end of the day and swear and eat the best chocolate you can find. Progress is coming!

Gemini - Abundance is the word that came to me when I sat down to write your scope.  And I feel it shows up for you this fall in a number of different areas of life.  Personal growth, personal finances, and personal circle. I feel a growing mental nag that you’ve had for some time, a decision you’re trying to make that you’ve been wrestling probably for too long (mutable problems).  I also sense an educational theme will start emerging soon, or may have already. . Whatever this nag is, it won’t go away, so you may as well pursue it if it isn’t already pursuing you. Also your ability to find, receive, be gifted, and acquire money feels strong this month.  You may have reinvented yourself in certain ways in the last couple of months, and that energy will continue to deepen this fall. That will attract in the new tribe of people you have been hoping for, and soon this abundance energy will show up as a wider circle of friends.  

Cancer - A dual energy comes through for you in October. There is a desire to be at home, to blossom, plant, nurture, be with family, and do the things you adore this time of year. But I feel your career will be opening up in a big, new way, after some surprising turns.  So there will be this opposing energy pulling you in both directions. You are completely capable of handling this dynamic if you determine where your boundaries are. That may prove to be the biggest challenge for you this month.  

Leo -  Your scope has  an odd feel, because it is composed of a mish mash of energies. On the one hand, I feel you have had some health issues nagging you in the last couple months.  I feel this may have rippled into your work/home life in some way. But the other half of this mismatched coin is a celebratory energy around you in October. This leads me to believe that you will experience an uptick in your health and energy this month.  You will be celebrating your self in a number of ways, but not in the Proud Leo Cliche way. This is an authentic appreciation for yourself. And with this wave of odd energy mashups comes an opportunity you’ve been waiting for. So...yay you! Rawr!

Virgo -  You’ve been doing a lot of work on yourself. Some of it has been forced on you over the last year. The last few months in particular were probably intense.  Pain and difficulty never feel like healing, but they are. However, in October I sense a shift into some gentler energy for you. While, on the one hand, work life may get busier, your forced self care starts to actually feel like it’s working.  So if you’ve had the “spiritual flu”, and you’ve been metaphorically rolling around in bed moaning, you’re now about to reach the point of sitting up, eating, watching Oprah, and truly recovering. Yay you!

Libra - Well this is your time to shine and you know it.  You may have been a bit withdrawn over the last couple months, but starting at the end of September, you probably started to feel the shift.  You feel more social again, your flirt muscles can get a proper work out, and you’ll be feeling yourself in various ways. There’s also great career progress building behind the scenes.  Watch for news around December/January regarding an offer of some sort. . Happy Birthday and congrats on the growth!

Scorpio - You’re gearing up to enter your season, but you may not be feeling very party-ish. The time around our birthday is almost always a time of reflection and introspection, and no one does that better than a Scorpio.  So you may be examining choices you’ve made and if they still serve you. Sometimes that shows up as regret and anxiety about what choice to make. You are not one who shies away from sacrifice, but there needs to be a pay off or you won’t touch it.  The good news is, all of this deep reflection is not for nothing. I do feel a shift in your finances coming down the pike. An influx or increase of income, or a new opportunity. The energy is already building, behind the scenes, of course, where all things Scorpio happen!  There’s also a strong sense of satisfaction for you this month, coming from a project you have worked on. Reward yourself - pretend the rainy day is today...

Sagittarius - You are entering a season where you’re being asked to get a bit more intense about a certain part of your life.  You will continue to have to push yourself through the thick parts of this energy. If it all seems like a test, it is.  Do you really want this thing? How bad? How necessary is it? What are you willing to do for it? Where in your life are you struggling? Look to the opposite area of that and turn your truth teller inward and admit where you are deceiving yourself, in denial, or skating by… This is the balance Libra wants you to find…

Capricorn - Congratulations on the movement you’re about to experience, especially in your ever present career zone.   If you’ve been feeling stuck or stagnant, (thanks to a lot of heavy energy in your sign) you’re about to get a refreshing breeze blowing through your life.  Whew - So very needed! No one works harder, or more, than a Cap, and your efforts are going to bear fruit this Fall. The hard work is never really done, but things will feel much less sisyphean going forward.  Your relationships will feel slightly less difficult, and money will be more cooperative as well. There may be one more speed bump before notable progress. And yes, Saturn is with you for another year, but he’s direct and getting shit done!

Aquarius - You have been laying the foundations for things you may not even be aware of. And you will continue to build this month, just by being your weird self. This Fall, you will start to see some interesting things develop in places you didn’t expect.  I sense part of this is new career avenues that you’ve been manifesting but sort of forgot about (which is the best way to manifest!). Now is not the time to become complacent, no matter how frustrated you feel. In fact, whatever you’ve been doing, keep doing it.  The reward is coming. For now, relationships should feel a bit easier than they have in the past few months.

Pisces - There has been a burst of growth for you over the last months, though it may be subtle.  A great deal of healing has taken place and you’re more ready to track down that dream deferred.  This season of connections, though, may distract you from your goals a bit. So stay awake, and stay determined, and stay focused on yourself.  This is hard in a sea of others. If you can differentiate your feelings from everyone else’s you’re half way through the battle! The thing you are most afraid of is also the thing you deeply desire.  Identify what that is and keep your eye on it!


As I look at this month, I feel a lot of energy around getting our thoughts in alignment with our desires. There is a lot of Air in this months transits.  In particular, Mercury makes some significant aspects to other planets, and the Virgo energy feels pretty loud. Look for themes around service, rescue, routine, habits, body, nervousness, mental energy, critical thinking, analysis, and discernment.  I strongly sense that many people will experience a revisiting of old trauma(s). Trigger, trigger, trigger...old issues you haven’t considered in years may stop by for tea and an uncomfortable chat. But this is transitory and mostly mental energy, though you will probably feel it in your body to some extent.   You’re meant to notice this (the body is really good at making us pay attention!), recognize how far you’ve come, and clear this for good. When you recognize these issues, don’t freak out. Unlike back when the trauma or crisis or body issue was occuring, NOW, you don’t need to be rescued by anyone...but YOU. 

There is a lot of new, hopeful energy in the wings. As always, we are waiting for it to unfold.  This is like the beginning of the 5th act of a play, of my favorite words of all time...the denouement (de-new-moi).  Or if you prefer to look at this as a Hero’s Journey, you’re about to cross the threshold and ressurect.  

We will be tying all the plot lines up with a bow. But as this act opens, there may still be still tension, questions, some confusion which has to be resolved before you can claim long awaited victory. This may sound a little dramatic, but I truly feel that those of you who have really struggled this year are in such a story.  Your breakthrough is happening right now, unseen by you. So get very clear and claim your story ending. 

Because Virgo is an Earth sign, but ruled by the mind (Mercury) they tend to be very good manifestors.  We all can, and should, harness this energy this month. So get Virgoan clarity about your goals, plans, dreams, wishes, desires, to-do lists, etc.  Be practical, but don’t hold back. Spend some time looking at the words, and feeling them. Then let that list go. I like burying lists for Earth energy.  Maybe mash it up and bury the pulp with a heart seed of some kind so when it sprouts, you can be reminded that you are sprouting too!

On the difficult side, body issues can come up, though for the most part I predict healing.  

Speaking of healing, hold on to the nearest Capricorn because Saturn is going direct, and they are probably going to feel pretty friggin thrilled about it! This was a  rough retrograde for Caps, and other earth signs as well. Make note of that date (9/18) is a turning point!

There’s a Full Moon on 9/14 in Pisces. This is the Harvest Full moon, directly leading up to the Fall Equinox on 9/22.  (I guess you can get your Pumpkin Spice groove on now.) This full moon is the culmination of events for the last 6 months (back to March). We gather it all in and are fed/illuminated/satisfied.  But this is also an emotional Full Moon, so keep your “feels” in order and lean into that Virgo logic. And there’s a New moon on 9/28 in Libra, which will bring balance to relationships and negotiations, and tact to our new projects. 

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ARIES  I know you love to run, Aries, but whatever you’ve been trying to outrun, emotionally, may end up sleeping on your couch.  As I was typing this, I heard “Old Love” by Eric Clapton in my head. I have not heard that song in years, so I’m including it here because it must be meaningful for some of you. What have you been trying to forget? What are you not able to get over? Conversely, you may be someone else’s old love.  What has been overlooked here, is truth. Yours, someone else’s, whatever. I have to also say that your “old love” may not be a person, but a thing that you can’t let go of, an addiction that you began in order to cope which is no longer needed and is weighing you down. Time to deal. There are big things on your doorstep, so stop running out the back door and open the front one…

TAURUS  A new day is dawning, T.  The catch is, you have to own your own stuff.  If you can, and you can hold yourself accountable, you could experience a huge uptick in status.  But that means facing some of your shadows. That means controlling yourself, your impulses, your reactions. It means growing up a little, or a lot. That means, you may need to push yourself to ask for help or advice in some area.  I feel recognition is a big theme for you this month. 

GEMINI  You may feel frustrated by the build up of mental energy.  You are always a busy mind but this month it may be a challenge to keep yourself focused. Or you may be focused but just frustrated by others.  Either way, impatience feels like your unfortunate room mate for a while. I do feel as September moves along that you will start to feel much more peaceful.  By month end you’ll be feeling more yourself and more balanced. But at the start of this month, you may be over doing some aspect of your life - either the social part or the work part.  Be aware of where your energy goes and try to keep it in alignment. This month feels like the foundations of great new partnerships trying to form. Eyes up.

CANCER You may feel daunted, even scared, about the road ahead.  You just feel unsteady and unsure about how to accomplish it all.  Mid month, however, you’ll feel a shift into calmer energy for you.  Things will start to flow much more easily for you as we move into October.  This month, there isn’t much you need to do except take care of yourself. You’ve made your lists, you’ve looked at options, you've done your due diligence.  Now you just have to try to maintain awareness of yourself and take good care of your body. Your body is telling you things already...give it what it needs. 

LEO  You could feel frustrated by the lack of movement and action at the beginning of the month. You would like to feel progress, passion, movement, motion.  But you may just find yourself looking at the same vision board, trying to intimidate it into action. What you need this month is to let go a little and have some fun.  You’ve been very focused and dedicated lately and you need a little unscheduled, unplanned, unproductive time. Spontaneity will do your soul great good. And it may create the shift you need to find movement. 

VIRGO  Well this is your month. All the planets are at your party and you feel like you should be thrilled. But maybe you feel like you’re stuck in a fake it til you make it energy.  Relax your face, let your hair down, take off your perfectly pressed pants. Give your self a moment of authentic feeling, even if you have to do it alone in your room. Feelings, you may recall, are those things that tend to happen in your heart, your gut...not the stuff in your head.  Check in with your heart and see what it wants. Are you on the right path? Is it your path or is it someone else’s? You may be saying and doing all the right things but not feeling at all at home in your body. That is your clue that something is out of alignment. And there’s no better time than your birthday to get your self aligned.  

You may be surprised what being honest with yourself does to shift things. Then you may be able to recognize how much life is really on your side, and the planets really ARE at your party…

LIBRA  You may be doing some reflecting that isn’t all that productive, Libby.  Don’t beat yourself up for things in your history. If you’re driving a car and are fixated on the rear view mirror, you will wreck   We can all question why we chose certain things and what would have happened if we hadn’t etc.   But have some faith that the Universe will take your choices and redirect your path. Eyes on the road ahead, Libra.  

SCORPIO  Your energy may have been dampened for the last couple months, but you should be starting to feel yourself coming back to the light.  Take advantage of the invitations and he desire to socialize and mingle. There’s networking to be done and connections to be made and you will find that mixing a little business with pleasure may be very productive this month.  

SAGITTARIUS The month may start off slow for you. Your fire might be a little bored. Even if there is a lot going on around you, it is probably mundane bullshit and petty crap and you of all people have no patience for that. The aspects you can not shirk have to do with family and it will require patience and gentleness on your part. Yes, you can do it.   But as the month progresses, business and opportunities will start picking up and you may even find your self in the position of needed an assistant for something.  

CAPRICORN  You should do some stretching, Cappie. Because Saturn’s 5 month retrograde is coming to a close.  Saturn has in your sign for the last couple years, and will remain there for another year-ish. But this retrograde may have seemed really restrictive for you.  The shift into direct motion will surely be felt by you, moreso in October. But you have other reasons to take a nice deep breath as well. The work you’ve been diligently hammering away at for the last several months (retrograde did give you some serious focus) will start paying off, no matter what area of life you have been focused on. 

AQUARIUS You may be waxing a bit nostalgic as the month begins, questioning if you did the right thing in a certain situation in the past.  But toward the end of the month you may have a realization that you weren’t the asshole you judged yourself as. Things have a way of working out.  And some of the things you’ve been frustrated about over the last few months will start to resolve this Fall You could be the recipient of more than one offer that you’ll have to consider.  Stop questioning yourself and know your own worth. 

PISCES   You should check that you are not your own worst enemy this month. Procrastination (what? you?) and limitations that you’ve placed on some of your own achievements may tap you on the shoulder and encourage you to push for more.  Virgo energy challenges you in really lovely ways. So this month’s energy overall could feel really energizing to you on many levels. You should be brave and try some things you haven’t tried before, or put yourself out there to be recognized in ways you’ve shied away from in the past