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Good news kids...literally...good news.  This month is full of possibilities for good news to flow. Where you may have questioned your value in the last month or 2, that will be replaced with a confidence you forgot you had, a gift you hadn’t recognized before, an outlook shift, or something of this nature. You will naturally be more able to see truth, detail, the path before you and things that have felt hazy and hidden for a while.  It is a process, so you won’t have 20/20 overnight, but your 3rd eye and your other 2 eyes will all be more able to focus this month.  

This month I wrote the scopes and then pulled a single tarot card for each sign as an indicator of your best course of action.  Enjoy the warmth of the sun after a too-long swim in too many emotions in July.  

ARIES - heartened by recent interactions with other humans, you will soar into August ready to kick ass. As most things, it will not quite meet your expectations, but it is still going to be a great month. Honestly, compared to July, almost anything would feel pretty good.  You’ve been through the wringer more than once in your life. Fall down 7 times, get up 80...that’s the Aries way. Things will be much easier this month. 

7 of Swords - be aware of other people’s motives, and then be diplomatic and honest

TAURUS - you may feel a heavy disappointment and emptiness as the month starts. But you will return to your normal, mostly buoyant, self in short order.  You may feel inclined to insulate yourself, maybe even hermit. And that’s ok up to a point. But there are people that need to hear from you. You may swim upstream against the urge to just be a ground until later in the month, but then things will flow much more smoothly. 

The Lovers -  committment and partnership - don’t forget who has your back and reciprocate.

GEMINI - Busy much? Your life is trying to keep up with your brain but you may just find yourself tired! August is a good month to catch your breath, reflect, make notes, journal, cathart, ponder.  Occasionally, say once a day, allow your mind to drift into dreamscape a little and let go of the practical goals filling your bullet journal. Rituals...all month long if it tickles your fancy. Burn things, clean things, bake things, meditate, do yoga, manifest, move, dream.  Quiet your brain a little and let your creative energy come forward

Page of Cups - Creativity, new projects, inspiration (see?! Told ya!)

CANCER - One would be wise to not cross you right now. Fresh out of an intense Cancer season you are weary, emotionally weathered, and well...crabby.  The transition from your sign into the next is just awkward and especially this year. If there was ever a time to treat yourself to some pampering, it is now. You have been so pragmatic, so focused, so professional. You’ve held your tongue, mostly. Nevermind the grudges, you’ve mostly been nice. But you really do need to follow Leo’s lead here and claim a spot in the sun to stretch out and ignore everyone else. 

Justice - karma, balance, honesty, harmony.  You’ve been doing too much and need to find balance.

LEO - This is your month, and you’ve more than earned your time in the sun, Whiskers. Your ego, self esteem, confidence and general understanding of self have all been challenged pretty hard core and you’re pretty over feeling like crap.  No one needs to tell you or give you permission to strut your stuff, but this year in particular, own your month like a boss. You’ve been challenged, but you will come into your own within a couple or 3 months.

9 of Cups - this is the wish card and it couldn’t be more perfect for your month!  Prosperity and good luck - I don’t think you need to DO anything. 

VIRGO - You’re hiding it well, but you’re feeling pretty bitter about something. Things seem to have not gone your way so much in the last month (join the club!) and you may feel inclined to either pout or plot revenge.  But instead of starring as the village martyr, try flipping the energy on its head and do the exact opposite of what you want to do. Change as many little things as you can this month. It may be uncomfortable because you do like your routine, but make it fun when you can. Push yourself past your own feelings of MEH and into a space of empowerment because you really DO have far more control than you believe right now. 

The Heirophant - Learning, study, rituals (you’re studying yourself!)

LIBRA - a new job opportunity may have knocked on your door recently, and yay you! You absolutely deserve it.  It could show up as some other kind of opportunity as well, so keep your mind and your eyes open. You may feel like you’re in a battle against your own nature at times this month - a deep need to make the people around you happy, and a desire to shut people out.  Stay grounded and connected to your inner circle and let the periphery go for now.

Queen of Cups - This is a card asking you to follow your intuition, and/or to follow the advice of the woman closest to you. 

SCORPIO - You may find yourself longing for something from the recent past. Yes, it could also be a someone. The truth is you’ve whitewashed whatever that actually was and you know you’re probably better off having moved on.  What you are missing is a healthy challenge (not a crazy one) and something to occupy your mind. But you’ve probably settled for just being busy to distract yourself from what you really want and decided you can’t have. Sorry to be the bitch to tell you this but...hold yourself a smidge more accountable for your choices. 

King of Wands - Use your charm and charisma to make progress this month, and to smooth things over (this should not be a challenge for you!).  Watch your ego.

 - Pay close attention to the stories you tell yourself this month. What are you saying to yourself or others about your reality? Are you trying to convince yourself? That only works if you have convinced your unconscious mind. Otherwise you’re just lying to yourself. Too harsh? Hmmm. I’ll just leave that there. In other news, you may find an actual turn of luck for the better in the next couple you can stop looking at me like that now. 

Ace of Wands  - This is a card of new beginnings. Use your substantial wit to navigate what comes. 

 - strangely, out of no where, a thing so faint in your memory you almost forgot what it was...progress! Your sign is still under the influence of the heavy hitters, but those big guns are also doing a lot of behind the scenes work.  Yes, its uncomfortable, but you will be rewarded. There is still a lot of foot work and details but I feel the hardest part of the hike is behind you. 

2 of Swords - Indicates a decision is coming. You don’t know all the details yet so don’t act until you feel informed.

AQUARIUS - You may have been able to connect with someone or plural someones recently which was a joyful reconnection.  Ask yourself if you have done everything you feel you should to keep those connections healthy. Sometimes Aquarians get busy carrying everyone’s meta water, but tend to overlook details of daily maintenance.  We Spock people can sometimes take for granted that our loved ones know we love them. “Nothing goes without saying” is my rule of thumb. 

8 of Pentacles - Put in the work. Especially if your loved one is...

PISCES - Exciting creative projects and new career opportunities have you feeling pretty badass right now. You are due for this. The good news will keep flowing so don’t try to rub the sleep out of your eyes. You are awake and it is happening. WOOT!! Remember what your #1 end goal is and stay focused on that and don’t be distracted by squirrels that look like opportunities. Eyes on your own paper for a while longer and then the shiny things in the periphery will not even be noticed by you.  Congrats. 

3 of Cups - celebrations! I don’t think you need to do much except stay focused on the important details.

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